Anxiety Attack

I've been emotionally and physically not well this last four months, I've even lose weight because of flu, stressed, burned out from family problem to work, got anxiety, I'm having a hard time to sleep.. I've got breakouts on my forehead, chin, chicks, and NOSE!. I lose my confidence, having hard time to go to work.. Its so hard.. Nobody's taking care of me because my older sister who I'm living with is already in Dubai, shes working there. I'm the one who's looking over and taking care of my nephews and everything else. Those huge responsibilities are eating me ALIVE!

I ask my doctor if there's any pill that I can take for my anxiety, and she says I need to undergo a psychological test, and I was like..... Okey'? but I didn't do it. I'm thinking, if want to get rid of my anxiety I want it in natural way.

I try everything.. I sleep early, I eat more healthy foods more coconut oil, even I'm "semi" vegetarian because I don't eat meat, just chicken ^_^. I try to avoid eating fast food. Drink more tea and water, relax my mind not to worry too much. Laugh hard with my best friends ^_^.

I just want to be normal and well again. Do what I love to do, be happy and have enough confidence for my self just like before. I'm a shy person, but I have crazy personality in front of my friends ^_^. lol.

As time goes by, little by little I gain my happiness back, but I'm still having a hard time to sleep. But I'm working on it, my best friends Mikko and Angel and my friends help me a lot. I buy some scented oil, lavender scent to help me sleep. About my family problem, I'm the youngest of 6 children of my parents. My brothers and sister they talk about whats going on about our family and they fix things out, so right now hopefully everything is going to be better. ^_^

I know its late but still.. ^_^ Merry Christmas and Have A Happy New Year! Everyone!




Rurouni Kenshin (Kyoto Inferno)

I am a Huge fan of Japanese Manga and Anime, it makes my day much better. Everything is so great, every story are has a thoughtful and interesting characters. I've been a anime/manga fan since childhood and Samurai X is one of my favorite anime and I am so happy and grateful  that they make a Live Action movie titled Rurouni Kenshin back in 2012 which for me is so great! haha! And then!.... the long wait is over!!! they finally released the movie sequels Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno (part 1) this August 20, 2014 in Manila! ^_^

And on September 24, 2014 The Legend Ends (part 2) and I can't wait!! haha!

Source: google and youtube

August 21, 2014 2nd day of release of the movie Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno (part 1) at Trinoma Malls. It was a great movie! I mean really!! hahaha! can't wait for part 2!! ^_^
Have a good day everyone!


Good Morning!

Nice morning with a bad hair day! ^_^  : P
Morning Guys! 
(dress by Marks and Spencer and black snapback)




You can't get away with this kind of wind, it was like wild wind and rainy days, plus the electricity are down for several hours. There's not much else i can do, I'am so lazy to do something productive HAHA.. Anyway be safe guys!


D I Y New Sweatshirt Look

Hi guys! It was my mother's old sweatshirt and I really love the vintage floral design, and It needs a new look.
Before the month of June ends, Lets do the DIY NEW LOOK SWEATSHIRT.^_^

Materials: Old sweatshirt, White fabric, Sewing kit/Sewing machine, Scissors, Printed letters for the design. 

First, Cut-out the letters or numbers. 

Like this (Picture below)

Second, after cutting the letters, place them in white cloth. Make sure to put safety pins for smooth cutting/tracing. For easy cutting, trace the letters onto the fabric using pencil. 

Third, after cutting the letters place them onto your old sweatshirt, again make sure to put safety pins, for easy sewing. 

Last, I recommend to use sewing machine, its much easier and better than hand sewing. ^_^  You can also use different colors of threads for more pop-ups letter look. 

And then your done! Tada! DIY New Look Sweatshirt! I also cut the sweatshirt shorter, just to achieve the crop top sweatshirt look. ^_^

You can also do this in your regular colored shirt and experiment new designs. 
Hope you like it guys! Let me know! ^_^ 

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