Hello, Ladies! Do you wear make-up everyday? I like makeup specially lipsticks, but I don't always wear makeup. My basic make-up are powder, eyebrows, and sometimes lipstick. 
Usually I'm ok with powder and eyebrows, for my everyday look. (bahala na ang face! haha)
I only wear a full make-up on special occasions such as, wedding or parties. (not often) 

Today I tried to make a simple makeup. ^_^ I used eyebrows, eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush, light foundation and lipstick. 


Me. Wearing makeup. hehe

(sabi nga nila makeup makeup din pag may time! heheh)
 Have a good day! ♥


DIY Lace Design Bag

I've been thinking for a once a month DIY! ^_^ (I will try and do my best! HAHA!) starting this month.
After my first DIY (HERE) hehe.. So, actually I'm looking for a bigger backpack for this summer vacation.

After digging my closet, I found this pastel pink (love pastelbackpack. I remember way back in highschool, my good friend nelly gave it to me as highschool guarduation present, ^_^ haha (those days.. hehe).  I know its very childish or girly bag for a highschool student, but I still love it. Anyway its an old bag and need a new look.

So lets start! ^_^ since its has a cute mouse illustration in the lower part. That's the part I'd like to cover-up.
The materials you need. Any bag (I'm using my old backpack), lace/cloth, safety pins, scissor, and sewing kit.

1st, you have to decide which part you'd like to cover.

2nd, Find any cloth or lace that can match the look or design for your bag.

3rd, trace edge part where you can attached the cloth/lace. Make sure to put safety pins
just to make sure its in place when you start to sewing.

4th, start sewing the whole cloth/lace around the edges, that you want to cover.

And last, continue sewing until all parts are covered.

And then your done! :) you can put more lace on any part, if you want. ^_^ You can do this in any kind of cloth bag, (canvas bag, backpacks, body bag, or shoulder bags) as long as you can sew or stitch the bag. ^_^ 

Let me know guys if you liked it. Have a nice day everyone ^_^


Sunny Morning

Model: Marie France ^_^


Phone Diary

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