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DIY TEE Design

Time for DIY!
I'm a fan of graphic tee's and sometimes its hard for me find the design that i really like. So now trying to make my own design. Lets start! 

Materials: Plain white t-shirt, Textile paint, Brushes, Cardboard or Newspapers, Pencil, and Pincers/Sipit 

TIP: Make sure you have the design or you know what kind of design you like, before you start the tee design DIY. 

Ok. First. Take the cardboard or newspaper and put it inside the shirt to prevent leaking to the backside. Make sure that the cardboard or newspaper is in the center of the shirt when you put you design. Use pincers or sipit to hold up the cardboard and to prevent the cardboard from falling out.

Second. Draw your design in the shirt using pencil. Again make sure your design is in the center of you shirt or its up to you where you want to put your design or your artwork. (in my case i want it in the center. I'm a fan of deer and l love them hehe)

Third. Trace your drawing, using your brush and textile paint. You can use any colors if you want.

And then your done! You can make your own artwork and put it in your tee's. 

Here's my DIY tee!
What do you think guys? Let me know!
Have a Good Day!



Boracay for me is like, beach in the city. Why? Because in just a few meters away, so many restaurants to choose from, from affordable fast food to Asian and European restaurants. And also lots of bars for party goers. For shopper who wants to buy souvenirs and stuff, they have shopping area, they called it D'Mall from clothes, accessories, ATMs, food/drinks like Milkteas, and icecream you will enjoy. So far, Boracay has everything you need. Make your trip happy and awesome! ^_^



First time I saw the beach of boracay, it was so beautiful it can take your stress away! I mean right away! HAHA. The sand and the water are so clear and white. The sand was so tiny, like microscopic sand, so tiny than sugar! ^_^  Love it! 

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