D I Y New Sweatshirt Look

Hi guys! It was my mother's old sweatshirt and I really love the vintage floral design, and It needs a new look.
Before the month of June ends, Lets do the DIY NEW LOOK SWEATSHIRT.^_^

Materials: Old sweatshirt, White fabric, Sewing kit/Sewing machine, Scissors, Printed letters for the design. 

First, Cut-out the letters or numbers. 

Like this (Picture below)

Second, after cutting the letters, place them in white cloth. Make sure to put safety pins for smooth cutting/tracing. For easy cutting, trace the letters onto the fabric using pencil. 

Third, after cutting the letters place them onto your old sweatshirt, again make sure to put safety pins, for easy sewing. 

Last, I recommend to use sewing machine, its much easier and better than hand sewing. ^_^  You can also use different colors of threads for more pop-ups letter look. 

And then your done! Tada! DIY New Look Sweatshirt! I also cut the sweatshirt shorter, just to achieve the crop top sweatshirt look. ^_^

You can also do this in your regular colored shirt and experiment new designs. 
Hope you like it guys! Let me know! ^_^ 

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