Rurouni Kenshin (Kyoto Inferno)

I am a Huge fan of Japanese Manga and Anime, it makes my day much better. Everything is so great, every story are has a thoughtful and interesting characters. I've been a anime/manga fan since childhood and Samurai X is one of my favorite anime and I am so happy and grateful  that they make a Live Action movie titled Rurouni Kenshin back in 2012 which for me is so great! haha! And then!.... the long wait is over!!! they finally released the movie sequels Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno (part 1) this August 20, 2014 in Manila! ^_^

And on September 24, 2014 The Legend Ends (part 2) and I can't wait!! haha!

Source: google and youtube

August 21, 2014 2nd day of release of the movie Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno (part 1) at Trinoma Malls. It was a great movie! I mean really!! hahaha! can't wait for part 2!! ^_^
Have a good day everyone!

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